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An illustrator interested in education


title. The Barren Tree

date. December 2016

size. 4' by 6'

Craft is a way of life. It is an expression of traditions, and a restoration of culture. With lack of an audience that understands or appreciates what they do, we find craftsmen turning to alternative ways of making ends meet. Its a loss, of heritage and civilisation.


It was this saddening phenomenon that was addressed through the painting. Divided in 48 pieces of the puzzle, this is the Tree of Craft. The visual is created taking inspiration from various forms of craft such as Warli, Kalamkari, Patua, Gond, and executed on different mediums such as paper and textile. Some pieces are embellished using different surfacing techniques as well. Each part of the tree grows beautifully, except the part where the tree should be bearing fruits. This represents the next generation of craftsmen who do not want to take forward this way of living.

Project 03
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