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An illustrator interested in education


title. The Pattachitra Plot

date. 2018

size. Each painting is A5 size

Pattachitra is traditional art form belonging to the Indian state of Odisha. Centuries old, the form has evolved over time. Today we find contemporary artists creating renditions of the same form. It was these new versions that directed me to undertake a research on the most important features of the form. The research was presented as a book that was digitally created after taking inspirations from numerous Pattachitra paintings. Bound in a way similar to a typical Pattachitra Painting, the book can also be hung as one sequential painting. A narrative tradition, the painting tells the story of Pattachitra through fact and fiction. The story is a metaphor, it is the age old story of man compared to important moments in the evolution of Pattachitra.

Each visual holds within it this combination of fact and fiction - and an attempt to encapsulate the spirit of Pattachitra.

Project 07
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