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An illustrator interested in education


Like the branches of the tree, Old Delhi was designed to be a maze. A maze that intertwines and tangles anyone with its beauty, who steps foot into it. From the oldest cycle shops to the best chaatwalas and the most famous choodiwaalas, every corner of this mystical place holds in itself gems, waiting for the right person to realise its unrivalled value. These paintings are aimed at depicting and describing some of these selected stars from Old Delhi would help the tourist explore the place better. Focusing on Markets around the Jama Masjid, the paintings are made on the canvas with acrylic colours. What these markets deal in are highlighted with the zardozdi embroidery. These paintings are now displayed at the Jama Masjid Metro Station of the newly constructed Heritage Line. By the virtue of being around the magnificent monument, these markets have begun to share its exuberance, its history, its tourists and its red.

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